shingles damaged by a storm



When Do Your Shingles Just Need Repaired?


After a major storm, perhaps a handful of shingle tabs blew off your roof. Or maybe you noticed one small leak that you need to get taken care of.

But does your roof need to be totally replaced? Or would a simple repair solve your problem and get you a few years more of worry-free life out of your roof?

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Know What to Look For 🔍

There are a few signs that your shingles simply need to be repaired. 

Are most of your shingles lying flat and secure with just a few tabs missing? If so, a shingle repair instead of replacement is likely a good option for you. But if all or most of your shingles are curled up, your entire roof might need to be replaced. Learn more about shingle replacement.

Are your surface granules still mostly intact? If your shingles still have most of their “grit” on them, then they are probably in good shape and can be repaired. But if the “grit” is thin, with holes down to the black tar and fiber mat beneath, then they likely need to be replaced. 

Who Can You Trust to Shoot Straight with You?

Homeowners in the greater Fort Wayne and Auburn area finally have a better choice for roofing repairs. Because we are your neighbors, we are in this for the long haul, not just the quick sale.

If your roof can be repaired, we have the expertise to fix it right. We also have the integrity to tell you the truth and not try to upsell you on a complete re-roof if you don’t need it yet.

Our motto is integrity, and our business plan is to earn your trust so you keep coming back for years to come.


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