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Stone-Coated Shingles 101

When it comes to your home, you don’t want to make guesses for long-lasting decisions. You deserve to make an informed choice regarding your new roof. That’s why we will be going over the 3 most common types of roofing materials. We already covered asphalt shingles, and standing seam metal, so be sure to check out those articles if you haven’t already. Here, we’ll be discussing stone-coated shingles.

If you want to put on a roof you can all but guarantee you will never have to worry about again, you can install a stone-coated metal shingle. This roofing material looks like a standard shingle, so it is accepted just about anywhere. But, just as the name implies, it is shingle made of steel and coated with stone. This makes it the most durable roofing product on the market.

The Benefits

Beautiful Appearance

With the look of a high end asphalt shingle, it is accepted virtually anywhere, regardless of neighborhood code restrictions

Saving on Utilities

Especially if you choose a lighter color, metal roofing can help save on your cooling bill in the summer by reflecting more of the sun’s heat than asphalt shingles will do

Tax Savings

Like standing seam metal, there is often utility savings and tax credits available. If you are considering this option, be sure to ask your contractor about this potential savings.

The Best in Durability

Stone coated steel shingles will hold up to virtually anything mother nature throws your way. Hail, extreme wind, even fire, is typically not a problem for this roofing product to endure.

Be forewarned, this product is very much your “price doesn’t matter” option. If you want the very best money can buy and want your grandchildren to inherit a worry free roof, this is the option for you. But the initial cost can easily run 5-6 times the cost of a standard asphalt roof.






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